Deadpool + Domino

‘Hey, Aude. Babe. Wake up. Look.’

It was 3 am on a school night. Alex was a night owl, and it wasn’t unusual for him to wake me up to show me the things he’d been working on. I never minded, I love how excited he was to show me new work.

He’d drawn us as Deadpool and Domino. He’d been playing the Deadpool game on the PS4. He sat next to me and helped me up. ‘See, this is me as Deadpool and I’m holding you, my Domino. You’re my Domino. My legs are kind of fucked up, but who gives a shit’ He’d given me three boobs because my favourite movie character ever is the three-boobed lady from Total Recall. Well, and also because ‘titties!!’. Those of you who know, know.

Ampersands + Infinity + Dominos + Cats + Dogs = V3VAR

This piece is loaded in hidden meanings and symbols that are so very specific to the time we shared together. The more I look at it, the more details I notice. Alex was so meticulous about it, like the ampersands he used to write our names at the bottom and the ones in Deadpool’s belt. We had ampersands tattooed on our ring fingers because Alex couldn’t wear rings. He worked with hands and he didn’t want to risk losing one. There’s a lot of eyes and portraits of the Montag cat and the Admiral doggo, along with the domino game piece over Deadpool’s heart, to name a few.

This was a new direction for Alex. A lot of you are familiar with his early works and his abstract paintings. Over the summer, he started doing more figurative work on the advice of a friend, which he initially rejected. But we all know Alex. It wasn’t long before he took it as challenge and started making portraits of his online friends, and drawing comics he wanted to read and such. He made a bunch of books that he was hoping to publish eventually. I’ve been gathering all the ones I could find, but I know he gave away a whole of them, too.

Hopefully in the near future, I can realise that goal for him. He’d also drawn a really great anti-trump zine that he pinned to a pole outside our apartment but the heavy winds blew it away before I could properly photograph and archive it.

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