Slight Detour

On our way back from Big Bear this past October, Alex mentioned that his old Unicamp stomping grounds were nearby. We looked up Camp River Glen and sure enough, it was only a few miles over the mountains. ‘Let’s go!’ He said. He made a couple of phone calls to warn of his arrival, but ended up leaving messages instead since camp season was over. He showed me around, told me what was what, the things he helped build, the trails he used to hike etc… we saw this cone with a face he’d drawn on it and he was pretty happy to see it!

The cone!

It was pretty late in the day already so we didn’t get to stay long and walk a trail, but Alex and I picked up a few souvenirs, mainly some cool branches to use as walking sticks. On the way out he told me a story of one of his friend hitting the bottom of their car on a bad pothole and busting their oil pan on the unpaved road out of there. I can’t remember their name, though.

He often wondered what happened to the kids he worked with. He hoped he was a good influence on them as they grew to adulthood.

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